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Urban Development – Urban Revitalization approach


Urban Development is one of our activity directions, achieved by the Urban Revitalization approach applied in many cities from Moldova. The main idea is to positively transform those parts of the cities that are in a critical situation and need social, architectural and economical changes. Urban Revitalization is about people, community, public spaces, infrastructure and innovation.

The Urban Revitalization process takes place in a complex manner, with territorially integrated1 actions and is carried on by the local administrations through efficient local, regional and national partnerships based on the Urban Revitalization Program.

At the initiation stage of the Urban Revitalization in a city, we collaborate with the local public authority, that recognizes the Urban Revitalization as a city’s development priority, designating a responsible person for the process and creating a coordination committee. Then, the most challenging stage of the project is the elaboration of the Urban Revitalization Program2 of the city. It aims to divide the city in zones, to analyse them through a series of indicators, to select the revitalization zone3, to discover their local resources through study visits, to create a Consultation Committee4, to identify the existing problems, necessities and the zone’s potential etc. The product of this stage represents the approval of the Urban Revitalization Program, developed in a participative manner.

The next step is to make the Program happen, a process that involves the accomplishment of all the ideas that aim to improve the revitalization zone and, simultaneously, the whole city.

After an almost three-year activity, the Urban Revitalization Process, initiated in the Republic of Moldova, eight experienced cities are involved since 2018 (Ocnita, Soroca, Balti, Cimislia, Ungheni, Ialoveni, Causeni) and another eight cities will be involved starting with 2019 (Singerei, Drochia, Ceadir-Lunga, Vulcanesti, Rezina, Straseni, Cahul, Stefan Voda).

At the national level, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova has developed a regulation act – ”The Guidelines on urban revitalization in the Republic of Moldova” -, in order to prepare the cities for the revitalization process.

  • Integrated activities – involving the locals and local partners in the innovative and creative interventions in the revitalization zone, meant to find viable solutions to the local challenges.
  • Urban Revitalization Program – document, elaborated by the union of local public authorities, citizens and local actors. It describes the common vision, development directions, activities and specific investments, that aim to rehabilitate the revitalization zone;
  • Revitalization zone – a part of the city in a critical condition, selected to be rehabilitated through a series of interventions;
  • Consultation Committee – it includes representatives interested in the revitalization zone – local leaders, active citizens, economic agents, public institutions, NGOs etc.